A brutal killing: An elderly woman is found murdered in a nursing home in Oslo. Bjarne Brogeland, who heads up the investigation, soon realises that they are on the trail of a meticulous killer who has developed a keen taste for revenge. A killer who has only just begun…

An anonymous threat: Trine Juul-Osmundsen, Norway’s Secretary of State and Henning Juul’s sister, is accused of sexually harassing a young male politician. As the allegations cause a media frenzy, Trine receives an anonymous threat telling her to resign. If she doesn’t, the truth about what she really did that night will be revealed…

A man on a mission: Scarred reporter Henning Juul, finds himself torn between the two high profile cases. He wants to help his estranged sister, but as he digs into their past, he discovers memories that haunt them both. Memories of a broken home. Memories of a dead father.

And as the two cases collide, both their worlds fall apart…

Scarred is the third novel in the acclaimed Henning Juul series, following Burned and Pierced.


«After having read Scarred it wouldn’t surprise me if Thomas Enger gets all the major literature awards in 2013″

«Surely Scarred must assure the doubters that Thomas Enger is one of Norway’s finest crime authors»
/Stavanger Aftenblad

«There is something about Thomas Enger’s writing … He just cuts through the chase in the credible every day life in Oslo, in a way that makes his books such a thrill to read.»

«Intense crime drama»
/Romerikes Blad

«Scarred is a novel that never stands still. But it’s not just the action that drives this well crafted and multilayered story forward. The person Henning Juul steps more into light. (…) Thomas Enger has written a susense novel with depth.»

«Scarred is a well crafted novel with original details. Enger really stands out in his ability to describe emotions with intensity. There is a depth to his characters, and they don’t come by the dozens.»


  1. Sally Cadagin says:

    Looks like this one will be just as exciting as Burned and Pierced. Looking forward to it

  2. Thomas Enger says:

    Thanks a lot, Sally. Appreciate it. There certainly will be a few more surprises for Henning Juul. And for you. 🙂

  3. Cliodhna Binnions says:

    I really enjoyed the frost 2 books. When will Scarred be released?

  4. Thomas Enger says:

    Thanks a lot. Scarred will be released in Norway in January, but I’m not quite sure when it will be translated. Probably it will be released in the UK in July or August. Or thereabouts.


  5. Sarah Marie says:

    Any updates when it will be translated and released in the U.S.? I just finished Pierced and can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Thomas Enger says:

    Dear Sarah. Scarred will be released in the US on the 26th of November, according to my publisher. The book is currently being translated.

    All best,

  7. Tanya says:

    I just finished Pierced, and thought it was brilliant! When will Scarred be released in Canada?

  8. Thomas Enger says:

    Hi Tanya. Thank you for your kind words. Scarred will be released in the US on the 26th of October. Probably the same time in Canada.

    Hope you’ll enjoy Scarred too. 🙂


  9. Gavin says:

    hi , when will Scarred be realised in uk/ireland in english thanks

  10. Thomas Enger says:

    Hi Gavin. Thanks for dropping in. The latest on Scarred is that it will be released in the UK in April 2014. It will, however, be released in the US in October this year. I’m sure it’ll be available on Amazon if you can’t wait for the English version (99.9 per cent similar).


  11. Susanne says:

    Hej Thomas!

    Har precis sträckläst klart Skendöd och Famtomsmärta! Väntar otåligt på bok nr 3 när finns den tillgänglig på svenska?


  12. Thomas Enger says:

    Hei Susanne. Foreløpig er det dessverre ingen umiddelbare planer om å gi ut min tredje bok i Sverige. Men du er hjertelig velkommen til å forsøke å påvirke forlagene i ditt hjemland. 🙂


  13. Susanne says:

    Hej igen!

    Japp det tänker jag försöka göra! Börjar direkt! 🙂
    Får väl försöka läsa på norska annars alternativt engelska.
    Tyckte mycket om de två första böckerna, det finns ett driv i dem som gör att jag bara ville läsa vidare. Inte alla böcker har det drivet, jag läser väldigt mycket böcker och då framförallt deckare. Ytterst välskrivna böcker!
    Fortsätt så! 😀

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  15. Sarah says:

    Hi, I love each of these books, they are gripping and very well written. I becoming increasingly more emotionally invested in Henning he is a brilliantly drawn character. I can’t wait to find out how he gets on now, you must write number four! 🙂 Thank you for writing them.

  16. Sue says:

    Just finished Burned. What a gripping tale. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens to Henning.

  17. james wyatt says:

    Please get the fourth Henning book out soon, i cannot wait. They are brilliant. And when, not if, the film people want to put it on tape or disc ,,make sure they start at the beginning. I have seen too many good series ballsed up by producers that want to cut corners. keep writing about Henning.

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