Plottet i Våpenskjold er helt rått.
Rune Westengen, Romerikes Blad
Bloedmist is fan-tas-tisch. Ongekend goed!
Eddy Zoey
Enger's novels are some of the best of the recent deluge of Scandinavian crime to hit the bookshelves ... An ideal novel for fans of The Killing.
Catholic Herald
Dieser neue skandinavische Autor lässt jedenfalls aufhorchen, und ich prophezeie einfach mal: Thomas Enger wird sich eine große Fan-Gemeinde erarbeiten – auch in Deutschland.
Blodrus er en rasende god spændingsroman. En af den slags, hvor tiden flyver af sted, fordi du er fanget fra første til sidste side. En bog, der stjæler dine nattetimer.
Vejle Amts Folkeblad
Ein echter Schocker, definitiv ein Must-read, dessen Sogwirkung niemand entkommen kann. Die Fälle von Henning Juul sind längst Kult und schlagen ein wie eine Bombe.
A gripping narrative that begs comparison to Stieg Larsson.
Misdaadverslaggever Henning Juul lijkt in zijn doen en laten op een kruising tussen Wallander en Erlendur. Niet de minsten dus.
VN’s Detective & Thrillergids
Enger is one of the most unusual and intense talents in the field.
Enger's portrayal of a successful woman targeted by a malicious accusation makes for a very modern plot.
Joan Smith, Sunday Times
Jeg liker Jo Nesbø, jeg slukte Stieg Larsson, og jeg elsker Thomas Engers Henning Juul.
Nicola Bartels, Blanvalet
Ein solides, spannendes Debüt.
Die Presse am Sonntag
Navnet er Thomas Enger. Bid godt mærke i det, for det er en mand, der er ved at skrive sig ind blandt de bedste af Nordens krimiforfattere.
Kristeligt Dagblad
An intriguing new voice in crime.
NJ Cooper
Thomas Enger heeft een zeer verdienstelijk debuut geschreven. veel spanning en wendingen in het verhaal.
Skendöd er spännande, grym, hemskt ibland, men jättespännande.
Viveca Sten, författare
Unforgettable…the interweaving stories were simply engrossing. A masterful debut thriller.
Misfit Salon (blog)
Suspenseful, dark and gritty, this is a must-read.
Se non vi siete persi un solo libro di Jo Nesbø o se semplicemente siete grandi appassionati dei gialli scandinavi, allora non dovete assolutamente perdere il primo romanzo giallo di Thomas Enger: vi stupirà.
Slick, compelling and taut, Thomas Enger’s PIERCED combines a sophisticated layering of mysteries with an intensely scarred hero embarked on a tragic quest. A dark and suspenseful blast of Nordic exposure.
Chris Ewan, author of the Good Thief series
POSTED ON oktober 24th 2015

TV series in progress

Back in 2010 the Norwegian production company 4 1/2 bought the film rights to all the Henning Juul novels. Now, right after the fifth and final novel has been released in Norway, the TV company TV3 has struck a deal with 4 1/2 to make a TV series of Henning’s ordeal.

«A quality drama does something for the whole network, and we have great ambitions. It’s also a challenge to meet the demands from the viewers who have grown accustomed to international quality and standards, but that gives us something to reach for,» Lars Ove Vartdal, Head of Department at MTG TV/TV3, says to Aftenposten.

Vartdal thinks it is a huge advantage that the book series already have a wide audience. Thomas Enger’s novels have been translated into 26 languages, and he has sold well over half a million copies world wide.

Producer Karin Julsrud in 4 1/2 is excited:

«It’s not just a murder case like the traditional crime series. There’s also a personal project that moves the story forward. I think we can make a TV series that stands out,» she says.

These days Julsrud is busy trying to get the funds in order to make the series happen. The plan is to start shooting in the spring or summer 2016. Julsrud is adamant that no contracts with any actors have been signed yet, but Kristoffer Joner – known for his roles in Bølgen (The Wave), The Revenant, Kongen av Bastøy og Babycall, to name but a few – is involved in the project.

«Kristoffer’s sensitivity and ability to embody a character is what we need. He’s the best one we’ve got, and I know he can carry this,» Julsrud says.

If everything goes according to plan the first episodes will air in 2017.

Thomas Enger is going to take part in the process of writing the episodes. Patrik Syversen is on board the project as conceptual director.

«With Patrik’s vision and talent, Karin’s experience and know-how, I think we have a very strong combination as I know every detail about the characters and the universe,» Enger says.

The TV series will be named SKINNDØD (Norwegian), same as the first novel in the series.

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