A Brutalised Victim in the Wilds: A solitary tent is found to contain the body of a half-buried woman. She’s been stoned to death. There are lash marks across her back. One of her hands has been cut off.

A Lone Voice: Henning Juul is a journalist haunted by his past. Two years earlier he lost his son, Jonas, in a domestic fire. As he returns to work, physically and emotionally scarred, he struggles to be taken seriously again as a reporter – by his colleagues, his ex-wife and the police.

A Mystery Ignited: When he’s told to cover the story of the woman in the tent, he follows a trail that gets more dangerous at every turn and, unlike the police, he doesn’t believe the case to be as simple as it appears – and then another death occurs…

BURNED is the first novel in the Henning Juul series.

A gripping narrative that begs comparison to Stieg Larsson.

The name is Thomas Enger. Make a note of it; this man has just joined the list of Scandinavia’s best crime writers. Thomas Enger is Norwegian and his crime debut, BURNED, now available in Danish, is unique. It’s one of the best crime novels this reviewer has read; its language sparkles and produces strong images and a pace that will take your breath away.
/Kristeligt Dagblad

Enger is one of the most unusual and intense talents in the field.

It’s rare to be presented with a crime novel whose language and material is of such a high calibre that it makes you sit up and take notice.

Highly recommended.

… the author abides by the golden rule of all the best performers, leaving us wanting more. Enger is a fine talent, and Burned is a reminder of exactly why we love Scandi crime.
/BookGeeks co.uk.

An intriguing new voice in crime.
/NJ Cooper

A likeable, if wounded, protagonist made this a good read, and if you like an intriguing mystery that doesn’t waste time on florid prose, you’ll enjoy Burned!
/My Bookish Ways (blog)

Unforgettable…the interweaving stories were simply engrossing. A masterful debut thriller.
/Misfit Salon (blog)

An intriguing Norwegian whodunit.
/Genre Go Round (blog)

A fascinating addition to the «Scandinavian noir» genre, I look forward to the series unfolding.

It has real strengths: the careful language, preserved in the fine translation; and its haunted journalist hero… An intriguing series.

Suspenseful, dark and gritty, this is a must-read.

This promises to be a crime fiction series worth watching.
/Library Journal

The careful revealing of clues, the clever twists, and the development of Henning Juul and the supporting characters make this a very promising start to a new series.
/Suspense Magazine

… a solid debut novel, particularly with respect to its characters
/Nordic bookblog  UK

Unexpected and surprising like a fire in the middle of a snowfall.

Henning Jull is an antihero back to life from darkness. Finally a new cult series of Scandinavian crime.

His name is Henning Jull. Remember this name: he’s a unusual journalist, he’s smart, fascinating, a mixture of fragility and strength that you won’t stop loving.

A good story with a strong structure. A fine journalistic skill is reflected in this solid crime novel.
/Steinþór Guðbjartsson/Morgunblaðið

Thomas Enger has written a solid and skilful crime novel.

Thomas Enger successfully juggles complex storylines in this riveting and contemporary crime novel. The best I’ve read this year, no doubt about it.
/Five stars in Lime

BURNED is well-crafted, tense and surprising.

Impressive new Norwegian crime novel … Norway has produced yet another talent.
/Vejle Amts Folkeblad

I read it in less than 24 hours – a total page-turner.
/Anne-v, Saxo

Clever and powerful start to new Norwegian crime series.

I think Burned combines the thrill of the best page-turner with a deep psychological portrait of this wonderful character, Henning Juul. I also found the closing pages to be totally exhilarating in terms of where the series will go from here… I can’t wait to find out.
/Angus Cargill, editor with Faber&Faber

Jeg liker Jo Nesbø, jeg slukte Stieg Larsson, og jeg elsker Thomas Engers Henning Juul.
/Nicola Bartels, Blanvalet (Tyskland)

Thomas Enger har evnen til å holde på den spenningen og intensiteten som er så viktig i en pageturner, men han har også en literær stil, sterke temaer og en dyp psykologisk analyse av karakterene. Boken blir aldri banal og henfaller aldri til sjangerens stereotyper.
/Emilia Lodigiani, Iperborea (Italia)

Skinndød er en av de råeste kriminalromanene denne våren.
/Aamulethi (Finland)

Thomas Enger er en ny forfatter i det øverste sjiktet av skandinaviske krimforfattere.

Sterblich ist sprachlich sehr reizvoll, in sich logisch, absolut spannend (…) – mit einem verblüffenden Ende.
/MDR FS, Sendung Kleine Buchnacht

Ein solides, spannendes Debüt.
/Die Presse am Sonntag

Da hat sich Thomas Enger ganz schön was vorgenommen. Doch, wenn es so weiter geht wie beim rasanten Start, wird seine Rechnung aufgehen.
/Berliner Kurier

Kanske är en ny Nesbø i vardande. Håll utkik!
/Värmlands Folkblad

Norske Thomas Enger driver upp spänningen när journalisten själv blir det enda vittnet till ett nytt mord.
/Dagens Nyheter

Imponerande norsk deckardebut om sorg, avundsjuka och snabba nyheter.
/Lottens bokblogg

Den här deckaren vill man sträckläsa av flera anledningar. Precis som i Jo Nesbøs romaner är det mycket bra och omfångsrikt innehåll, och allt är väldigt bra skrivet.

Visst verkar handlingen spännande, men det är porträttet av huvudpersonen som är historiens största behållning.

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